The truth behind my yarn obsession 


I crochet, Knit, embroider, spin, and otherwise get creative with yarn  and other media to keep my hands busy.

When my hands are busy I can relax without focusing on my pain and discomfort.

When my hands are being productive I can feel useful even when I am not up for doing the things that need to be done.

I have a rare chronic condition.

Eosinophilic Esophogitis ( try saying that ten times fast!)


Coupled with several food and environmental allergies.

Some of my symptoms have plagued me most of my life without knowledge what it was from or that it wasn’t normal to feel the way I do. My disease limits what I can eat. The cells in my body that defend against allergens and other foreign bodies get overprotective and mass produce thoughout my body causing pain and fatigue. In my Esophogus it creates inflammation and scaring that makes it so that food gets stuck in my throat. There are time when I can not even swallow saliva and there is nothing to do but wait for the inflammation to go down.

It can be a miserable thing.

There are days when I just can’t move because I have so much physical pain. So I knit, crochet or spin.
Some people have it much worse and have very few to no food at all that they can tolerate. I am grateful at this point to still have many items I can enjoy, even if that means there is only one thing at one local resteraunt that I can have when eating out. It’s okay, life is not suppose to be about eating. Besides, it’s a really delicious hamburger!

To help me get through these stresses I play with yarn. When I have yarn to focus on, the other things disappear.

Being a mom of seven kids also leads me to need something for myself. Something that I can do and see immediate results! I can clean up or do laundry all day long, look around the house and not be able to tell that I accomplished anything. But stick some yarn and needles in my hands for twenty minutes and I will have several rows that I can look at and feel satisfied!

Playing with yarn is therapy for my soul.


It gives my hands something to do while my body rests and heals itself.

It relaxes, inspires, and rejuvenates me.


There are worse things I could turn to.

Just watch the video of this lady. She is 104 years old and still enjoying yarn. She has a great time yarn bombing! It’s only a short interview, I wish there was more. It sure would be fun to sit and have a chat with her and learn her story! I might have to get my courage up and do some yarn bombing myself!

Click here to watch!
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Happy Day!


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