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Traveling Fiber Arts

The most important items I packed for this trip were my tools of trade.
And underwear. 

It was nice when on the road this time because I was not the driver and I was able to play with yarn. 

On my last trip, especially during dull stretches of highway, it was tempting to get it out, but I was afraid that knitting or crocheting would be a bit distracting. Possibly worse than texting. So I refrained.

But this time the projects won’t stop flowing forth from my fingers. It seems I have been bit by the knitting bug. It’s funny how I tend to alternate and then obsess with my hooks of choice…crochet needle, knitting needles, or sewing needle. 

The last few days my fingers have been drawn to the knitting needles and absorbing new techniques. We are cheating and have wifi at this campground so when I can’t twist the yarn in some form, like when I need to put a baby to sleep, I am watching videos on YouTube. Can’t get enough of it. I am a full on visual learner and now that I have discovered learning fiber arts through video,  I can learn anything! Also I very well maybe overloading my Pinterest boards.

Have you found me on Pinterest yet? 

Here is a link to my knitting board….Knifty Knits

Make sure a check out my other boards too, but be warned…I am a



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