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Spinning Vocabulary: Spun from the Lock & Woolen yarn



This particular mohair had beautiful full curly locks. The fiber was smooth and silky. I didn’t want to damage the personality of the mohair so I gently pulled the locks free from the fleece and combed them one at a time. They fluffed up and practically begged me to spin a more woolen yarn with them.

image  In case you are not a spinner or haven’t worked much with handspun yarns, I thought I should give a little vocab lesson. Or maybe it is just the obsessive homeschool mom in me that has the need to find a lesson in everything. In any case, here are a few handspun terms explained how I define them.

“Spun from the Lock”

A lock is an intact hunk of hair that usually has crimp or curl to it. To spin from the lock means that the fiber is minamally processed before spinning on the wheel. In fact I do the prep work right in my lap, a few locks at a time, pulled through the hand comb,spin, then prep some more.


This refers to the texture of the yarn. Most store bought yarns are worsted, meaning it is a realatively smooth yarn. Whereas a woolen spun yarn is a bit fuzzy. Air has been aloud to stay between the fibers, giving it more loft and softness. I like this method because it allows the unique personality of the fibers to show.

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Your welcome!



If there is no handspun mohair in stock, be sure to let me know of your interest and I will get spinning!


Happy Day!


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