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The hands that rock the cradle….

We have all heard it be said that

The hands that rock the cradle rule the World.

As I sat this evening holding my baby in lap while I started knitted swatches for my 10 and 8 year old daughters to learn to knit on, I drifted off in thought, as knitting allows me to do.

My thoughts took me to this….what if more hands that held babes, knitted or did other handcrafts while getting lap snuggles?

My baby was mesmerized by the needles and yarn as I went along. She enjoyed trying to grab them from time to time, but mostly her sleepy little eyes just watched. I wondered how much of my crafting would just be absorbed into her developing brain causing it to be easier for her to take up needles and create when she gets bigger.

I have another daughter who seemed to know how to work a computer from the time she could get in the chair on her own and click buttons. It really was no surprise since she sat almost daily on my lap as an infant while I took an online course and also daily Skyping with her Dad who was in Iraq.

Based on this observation, I think I can safely assume that if this baby sits on my lap often while I play with my yarn, she too will learn and the hand crafts I often practice will come naturally to her.

Baby Booties

So back to my original question…What if more hands were holding needles, yarn, fabric, paper, clay or whatever other handcrafts that can be done with a baby on the lap, instead of holding on to electronic devices? How much more would we be stimulating these young brains?

I know I am guilty of being on my various devices all too often while holding my baby. In fact, I am writing this on my tablet right now, but she is asleep, so I will let it slide for now. But seriously, I really do think I need to make more of a conscience effort to do more unplugged productivity with my hands while the young ones are observing. Another benefit is that I am more likely to talk to or sing little songs to my little ones if I am unplugged from my distracting devices.

What do you think?


One thought on “The hands that rock the cradle….

  1. A tough question, I read all the time to my son and he did prefer reading to tv then he grew up and I hardly think he reads much now as a teen lol but that brim said I will do it all over again, babies need our undivided attention in this very important stage of their lives 🙂

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